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The Cheese Trolley

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“Did you know there are 452 official kinds of cheese in this country, isn’t that amazing?  To find 452 ways to classify what is essentially a bacterial process?  Don’t you think that is amazing?”

French Kiss - meg-ryan Photo

--with Kevin Kline

Fench Kiss--1995

“Spasm! Spasm! God, here it comes…lactose intolerance!”

MP and I spent 3 days in San Francisco.

Today, I am Kate--fresh off the train--

Cowgirl Creamery


Mt. Tam elegant aged triple cream-- named for the majestic Mt. Tamalpais is made from fresh organic milk.

Wilde Weide farmhouse raw milk Gouda from Holland.

Herbed Fromage Blanc --softly scented, tart and creamy.

Acme Bread

Ferry Street Marketplace and Farmers' Market.







The cheese trolley express is now at rest!





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Company’s Coming?

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Company’s Coming?



Somewhere in my memory is a woman who looked at me with unreserved sympathy and suggested I serve tried and true food to guests.

She overheard me speaking to my children.


I met her at a market when Ty was safely pushing the cart, Cole was confined in the basket child seat and Gray was sheltered in a blue seersucker Snugli.

That soothing wisdom-- to a frazzled mom lives on.

We added chicken to the cart.

Then, my boys and I shared Ma's Nachos from Mother's Market at Koala Park.


Braised Chicken with Green Olives and Lemon.








Easy, pretty, and  delightful.






Soft cheesy polenta takes the juicy chicken to elegant comfort food status.

Gwyneth Paltrow inspired-

What is your favorite company dinner?



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Man Versus Microwave

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Man Versus Microwave


I use our microwave to boil water, melt chocolate, and prepare oatmeal.

Cooking Light did a piece on Microwave Magic this month.

I skimmed through the tutorial.

Cook everything from Asparagus Risotto to Meatloaf.

Hmmm--Sweet Potato Chips?







Without hesitation I produced two sweet potatoes (from the pantry) and followed the instructions.

Skipping all the gourmet stuff on rosemary pepper salt....

I wanted to see if I could master the technique-

Sweet Potatoes.

When I smell sweet potatoes baking--whole, wedges, slices, strips or rounds I get all wrapped up!

I adore them.

The romance was held off when I realized I didn't know how many watts my Smart Sharp could produce.

Would it take 4 minutes per 1/4 potato of thin slices or up to 20-50 percent more?

Honestly, it became a science experiment.








Microwave safe plate covered with parchment.








A craft too.









I sprayed the parchment with coconut oil and








cut them into uniform slices with help from a scary machine.








First potato-








salted and ready for the test








in the microwave.








I googled my watts.








My sweet potato chips after the initial 4 minutes and 30 second increments= 10 minutes.








I got out the big copper gun.








I loaded it with the second potato sliced with a knife.








425 degrees 20 minutes.

MP arrived.








Sweet Potatoes two ways.  You decide!





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Earth Day

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Earth Day


Today, April 22nd is Earth Day.








It seems appropriate to post pictures of the sea glass we have been hoarding in a glass champagne bucket.

















Walking the 4 plus miles of our treasure track didn't begin with the hunt in mind.  Instead the magic bits of colored broken glass tumbled in the ocean found us.

During the winter when storms and swells draw the sea worn jewels to settle in the sand, you will find us.  We move quickly.

Spring and summer trash turned treasures are more fickle.








MP's creation keeps a record of our steps together.







Remnants of a sobbing mermaid polished by time-- transformed into a montage tray of gleaming gemstones.

He is the Maker of heaven and earth,
the sea, and everything in them—
he remains faithful forever.

Psalm 146:6 NIV












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Waynefish Tacos

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Waynefish Tacos

MP and I received a gift of Dorado (also known as Mahi- Mahi) from Wayne, a fisherman who sits near us at church.  The sweet and substantial fish was caught off the coast of Baja.

Fish tacos came to mind after I discovered these baby cabbages and spring onions at the Farmers' market yesterday.







I make a fiery spice mix that I use to zest up a myriad of  dishes.









After lightly dusting the fish fillets







with a seasoned flour mixture








I simply browned them until they became tender, flaky and moist.








Sauteed red peppers and sliced onions.








Crispy and creamy slaw with cilantro and lime.









Happy, Happy Baja Fish Taco Night!

Daphne Oz -- inspired

Thank you Wayne!





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