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The Littiest Lifeguard

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Because this last week was the French remembrance of “Le 14 Julliet” I opened one of my favorite cookbooks.  The back story of "crushed bread" and the photograph of Pain Brie tugged at me.










I was happy to make the fermented starter dough in the cool of the night; ready to finish the next day.






















Night Night...








At dawn I added the new yeast, flour, salt and butter mixture and kneaded the two together.








The day warmed and the dough rose in the glass bowl.








I pulled rosemary and chopped Kalamata olives and colossal stuffed green ones too.








The instructions were clear and I proceeded to roll the dough into a rectangle; spreading the olive mixture on top.  Shape and slit. Rise and bake.














Anxiously I waited for warm fragrant bread to splay open and reveal little nuggets of olive and shards of wilted rosemary.

My loaves were delicious as promised like a picnic along the Seine River. Not so much how I imagined them to present---








I had the smallest girl junior lifeguard to help me try again another day.








We decided to make them petite size; hoping for new results.








Skilled hands








shaped 4 smaller loaves








with similar results.








No matter how you slice it--life is good








with a petite baker at your side.



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He Knows her Name

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God said, "I have an extraordinary baby girl for you.”

Joy returned to our hearts.

A blue-eyed delight and precious gift has turned 15.
Happy life Madelynne Kaye!


Britton’s tribute to Maddy.








To my beautiful 15 year old daughter!

You are such an extraordinary person and I am honored to be your momma.

So beautiful in every way! I love your playful nature, great humor and your smile lights up a room. Such a depth of character behind those big baby blues of yours!

Happy birthday to my first baby girl--

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Romans 12:2


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The Bubble Slayer

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The Bubble Slayer

Nestled between two nights and three days MP and I watched over our grand- or is it great nephew?





















Wyatt is two.











Wyatt is a busy boy.











MP is a bubble wizard.












































We had a blast!








"The Lord bless you and keep you;

the lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;

the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

Numbers 6: 24-26









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è iniziato con il pranzo

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It began with lunch in the Cinque Terre












My parents could eat soup every single day.

I took a deep dive in the gene pool; because I adore soup too!








When we stopped for lunch as we hiked between “The Five Lands” along the Ligurian coast of Italy;  I ordered Mes Cuia.









Vegetables infused with garlic and oil produced from olives harvested on the terraced hillsides looming before and above us; convinced me to honor the regions quintessential favorite.









My memory of that lunch inspired me to launch the boat into deep water.








The List

Soffritto; a holy trinity of onion, celery, and carrot is the flavor base.





Green beans

Yellow eyed heirloom beans









True Ligurian soup in this style would be thickened with potatoes.  I wanted to use the last of my heirloom beans.








Saute the onion, celery, and carrots until soft and tender; season and add garlic.








Fresh tomatoes from the garden.








The zucchini that almost got away!








Kale baby...








Simmer the whole mélange  for 45 minutes in the liquid from the cooked beans and water to equal 4 cups.








Puree the soup in batches or use an immersion blender to meld all the flavors together.  Stir in the cook beans.








To add crisp bright green freshness; I blanched the green beans before adding them to the pot.







Stir in luxurious and fragrant pesto.








Complex layering of each vegetable at its essence; patience and love spill into the bowl.







The only thing missing? Turquoise seas...











Prosciutto and Melone.










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The Garden Angel

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The Garden Angel







I have been having a staring contest with the tomatoes in our garden.








If I outlast them--If I don’t blink or laugh they should ripen--right?








MP and I decided to skip the Farmers’ market last weekend; as harsh as it seems.  Our choice was to cook from the garden.








A tug of war is happening out there; cucumbers vs. tomatoes. Zucchini vs. summer squash.  The trailing green beans are hiding from both of us.

The cucumbers were obedient and I simply trusted the tomatoes to do their part.








Teen-age ninja Roma’s were the superstars who took this cool summer salad from undecided to--cucumber tomato matrimony.  I simply could not call them babies.








Slices of  ripe, fruity garden tomatoes, and cold chubby cucumbers.

Rice wine vinegar, agave syrup, a touch of canola oil, chopped dill with salt and fresh pepper to taste.

An iconic duo to set next to








Leek, Fennel, Potato and Corn Soup








When dinner was gobbled up and only the dressing remained; I stowed the tomato kissed vinegar.








A day later it danced on top of sauteed scallions, ginger, garlic, more tomatoes, and the squashes.








Laced with soba noodles, and chunks of fish; it became a once in a season stir-fry.

Light, full of textures; layers of flavors—this dish had a pickle whisper going on.








Thank you Garden Angel for blessing us summer after summer.

What's in your garden?




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