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Autumn in Heaven

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This is my favorite photo of our young family on the beach in Carpinteria.

August 1982

I wonder each time I look into this moment in time why Gray was distracted...  

Blessed are trees rooted firmly

In streams of living water--

Nourished by mighty torrents--

Strong and persistent

By His great mercy limbs remains strong.

Leaves do not wither through the drought.

The cracked parch soil of uncertain banks

Is held upright-- by grace.

Abba Father,

Shine pure light into our eyes

That we may see…

Autumn in Heaven

--peggy lunde 1995

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The First Layer

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The First Layer


I am scaring myself.

We are participating in a purge.








After nearly 43 years and virtually no moves, We are downsizing.








Emotional ties to tribe, trivets, trivia, and other “hanging-on-to” things are going.







My junk could be a vintage treasure—

Brocante at my house on Saturday!











Stuff be gone.

I am ready for the next deep dive.

We are not actually moving but beginning the process of removing cumbersome clutter.



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Where did you leave your heart?

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Where did you leave your heart?


Mad Libs on the Road

A super silly way to fill in the____________________!

By Roger Price & Leonard Stein

On the 2nd week of October for the last 9 years we round up JIM (Julianna, Isabella and Madelynne) and road trip north to Solvang.

The history posts and romp of 2012 can be seen here—

Playing games in the car has replaced singing.  MP hit the jackpot when he produced this one. Maddy was first up (apparently because she has the best; self-proclaimed handwriting).








Laugh until you cry or as in MP’s state; laugh until you cannot see the road.


Maddy, read the story in a confident tongue-in-cheek style from the seat behind me.

Good vacations are worth their weight in Chihuahuas.  A stinky summer vacation for you and your pretty family is to visit the Rocky buttocks in Colorado.  The first time you see these creepy mountains, your fat eyes will thump wavy.  If you are into camping, fishing, or swimming, visit Arizona’s Grand Canyon and enjoy a land of shiny landscapes, and rich funny history.  Upon sight of this mile-deep; magnificent 1 ½ billion year old elephant your lips will drop open and you will not be able to catch your nose hairs.  Then, there is the city of the Golden Gate Booger , San Francisco, where you can spend the day watching a cable truck loaded with wide-eyed aeroplanes or climb the city’s chubby hills.  A place made famous by Tony Bennett’s obese rendition of “I left my butt in San Francisco.” So will you!








Izzy in the middle said, “coco in our 4th grade performance we sing, we left our heart in San Francisco.”

Right, huh?

Hold your sides.

Hold your heart.









Next year Maddy says she is doing the driving...

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Soup Supper

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Soup Supper

Why is it?

Some of the best dinners appear unscripted from the likes of a few neglected—so last week—foodstuffs.

More than anything, I want to make peace with the crisper drawer and her remnant veggies.  The colors and textures of the last bits of this and that beckon me to give them a place at the table.








Delicate, creamy, buttery, melt in your mouth Hutterite's were the last beans from the Ferry Street excursion.








A few leaves








Random carrots, celery stalks, more green leaves, and garlic.








Toss in a handful of cherry tomatoes remaining from the garden gift of a friend.

A whole bunch of nearly revivable cilantro refused to be photographed.








Mr. Avocado.








These were the smells and flavors in our home on a rainy night.

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A Few Good Hoots!

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A Few Good Hoots!


Jules and I were cooking for Heritage House and she reminded me we promised the girls a harvest dessert to go along with the Turkey Chili and Cornbread on the menu.

coco’s craft corner will never be featured here.

I attempt recreating cleverness’ that comes my way—such as these darling little owl cupcakes.








Without instructions or a recipe, I put these together from a snapshot lodged in my head somewhere.








Ina’s (The Barefoot Contessa) Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes were the delectable rich owl face. Use 2 Oreo halves (cream side up) and chocolate M&M’s make the eyes.  I added an orange one for the beak.

Save the unused half Oreo for another use. If you use a buttercream for the icing and you are crafty—wispy little owl feathers can doll up these wide-eyed birds.








I make this batter in my processor rather than a mixer.




































After the wet ingredients are combined








the flour should be pulsed just until absorbed; don't over mix.








After filling the paper liners with as much batter as you can easily reach from the bowl; try this trick.








Put the bowl back on the base and lock the lid in place.  Give it another whirl.








Yes! a self cleaning blade.

Poof it is fast!








Heavy cream combined with semi-sweet chocolate and espresso powder create the ganache icing.








Yours will be droll little darlings--




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