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Ocean Therapy

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Who needs a morning near the ocean?








I do.







Here my heart is looked after —fine sand, squeaky sea greens, and shards of glass tumble from the deep—the treasure settles at my feet.







Starfish cling







Fishermen cast










I do, I do.

Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; All Your waves and billows have gone over me.

Psalm 42:7



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Forty Three Years

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February 13, 1971

Happy Anniversary MP!

“It is not your love that sustains the marriage,
but from now on, the marriage that sustains your love.”
― Dietrich BonhoefferLetters and Papers from Prison

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Red Velvet Gems

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Red Velvet Gems were created by the confectionary wizardry of Julia Baker. The one bite wonder is a play on a Parisian Macaroon.

I logged the recipe at Christmastime thinking they would be beautiful for Valentine’s Day, or for weddings too.  The recipe is a bit ’cheffy’ and whenever red food coloring is uncorked –a bit messy too.  So go big-- the recipe makes only a few more than a dozen precious gems, I suggest doubling the cookie part because there is ample filling.















Begin by whisking room temperature egg whites with the Red Velvet emulsion until they hold a soft peak.  Add the sugar and continue beating the whites until they hold a firm peak.









Fold the pink fluffy meringue into the mixture of powdered sugar, almond meal, and cocoa.

Skillfully fill a pastry bag--


the mixture is loose—be prepared to work swiftly.






When the cookies are cool, spread the bottom of one cookie with the cream cheese filling and sandwich another one on top.


I am not a pastry chef--but these are so fun to make!

Sticky and sweet--Red Velvet Gems are lovely almond delights with a silky smooth center.


How many can you eat?


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Unfailing Love

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A small window of time opens for MP and me when we welcome one, two or all three of our granddaughters to our home –we allow every- everything to shift out of the way to ‘be there’ for the most blessed houseguests on the planet. Maddy will be turning 16 this year—we expect to see her back one day too (insert smiley face here).












Izzy arrived promptly at four o’clock in the afternoon.  This was her first solo sleepover.

A spirit of unfailing love settled over each of us in separate ways.  Ground rules were unnecessary, although a few items are mulled over; in which bedroom to sleep; what shower had the newest scented amenities from Bath and Body; what does amenity mean, would we be eating Vegan.

The shower scent of the month is... Butterfly Flower










She picked calzone with pesto, turkey, goat cheese, and








Mozzarello too.
































Isabella Rose chose Gray’s bedroom without hesitation.  She professed a formerly unspoken connection to the room.  She and I made up the bed; stowed superfluous pillows while locating soft throws and a comfortable coverlet. I wondered aloud why the room created this talismanic impression in Iz’s present thought.








Izzy turned her eyes to the bedroom ceiling and sighed,

“Maybe the color of the blue sky ceiling with wispy clouds—the ends are curled like real clouds”.

 I created those cloud tufts from a sturdy ladder on the heavenly blue ceiling-- so many years ago.  Remarkably, this didn’t make me sad.  Instead, my heart leapt.  God carried me from heart –wrenching and life changing to golden glory in that one swift moment with Iz nearly a decade later.











Ty and Britton were feverishly working on their new home when Britton was pregnant with Izzy. Newly born and fresh from God the precious baby slept for a season in a swaying white cradle in that bedroom under the azure sky ceiling.

Later, the littlest Lunde with a confident smile recounted to her mother,

“I think the ceiling is the only thing I remember from when I was a newborn”.









Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he brought them out of their distress.
He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.
They were glad when it grew calm, and he guided them to their desired haven.
Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.

--Psalm 107:28-31 (NIV)





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Little Black Beads of Cavier

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How could the first week of February be finished already?  Yesterday I picked up the pile of unread magazines and learned all about what foods were trending for the holidays (last year).  I also missed the central regulations for throwing a proper football party— one rule I have surrounds the ability to wear cute pajamas all day.















MP’s winter garden is in a fantastic green mood.  I have a clamoring to wake-up our chilly routine with soul-satisfying layers of spicy whole grains; pastas; hearty legumes, and vegetables piled on a medley of wilted greens or fleshy lettuces.

My legume of choice is the tinier black or Beluga Lentil, which cooks evenly and holds its baby  shape.  A cup of these dark beauties became the centerpiece to unify the goodness of the garden growing on the other side of the Dutch door.








What I had on hand was half a red pepper with the always-present onion and garlic.

It was more of a process than a recipe.  I toasted coriander seeds with black sesame and cumin seeds and ground them with Zaatar, a spice mix from the Middle East with an herby zestiness.





























After giving the herbs a quick toast in oil, I added an onion, then whole cloves of garlic (to smash into the lentils later).








The pepper got a smoky singe and a scrape--








Lentils, a bay leaf, and chicken stock piloted the cooking time.







Chopped chard,








a short glug of aged Balsamica and salt and pepper to taste finished the exotic dish that we ate right from the platter!







The fragrant lentils with wilted miniature chard, shards of Parmesan Cheese; roasted purple cauliflower and peppery arugula cozied up with lemony grilled shrimp—just so.








The black lentils and roasted purple cauliflower were fickle to photograph...but gobbled up artfully.



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