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The Neighbors

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Our French neighborhood, as MP calls it...

Now they have a boat too...

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On July 16th 1998, I became a grandmother. During the last nearly 16 years when Ty and Britton were away and asked MP and me to watch over them; the girls packed pink stuff and held up in our home.  Now with the school year complete and a swift launch into summer activities, the 10-minute commute was impossible.  So, I moved in with them for 4 days with a master schedule and car pool help from cheerful willing friends.  Our days began early and ended late—

Thank you, Ty and Britton for trusting me with the hearts of your amazing daughters.

If Club Awesome had not already been tagged by AIR 1, it would describe our remarkable time together.

We made it to piano lessons,

 junior guards,

water polo, swim team,

and church camp

on time with the proper themed garments,

gear and food packed efficiently.

  I put Maddy behind the wheel of my car and she made the commute to

her new job each day too.  

As for me, I capably moved from pajamas to yoga pants and showered every day.


Yes, I even had the dog.









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I am safe

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...for now

Kids Games

6 am?  Hair & Make-up

Crazy Hair Day (Day One)

Winter Wonderland (Day Two)


(I was so tired I forgot to photograph the full outfits during the shoot).

The girls wore turquoise and lime holiday-embellished tutus.

Izzy's pedi-date

I have made it to the final round.







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Maddy, Jules, and Izzy

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I am moving to Surf City for  a few days.

I will need an alarm clock.

Kid Games

Junior Life Guards

Water Polo

Swim Team

Piano Lessons

Maddy’s first summer job as a lifeguard/swim instructor!




Britton said, “Thank goodness dinner is a mellow time.”

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A Promise and a Picture

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“You will never possess what you are unwilling to pursue.

You will never pursue what are not fully persuaded you can have."

--Jentezen Franklin

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying:

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

Jeremiah 31:3 --NIV

# 400

On January 3, 2012 I published my first blog post not knowing where a personal journal, but accessible to you, would take me.   First, and foremost I did it for myself.  Sidelined by an unexpected challenge with my eyesight, pulled me to pick up a fancy camera and take photographs of what I love most.  God comes running for those who are hurt.  You have become my parish, a small flock who I think about every single day-- that humbles me.  I value your comments, big and small.  They are meaningful and keep me honest.  Imagine my surprise when you take the time to stop by and remark on the pilgrimage of my heartfaith, family, and food along the way.

Thank you.


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