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Eat with Your Eyes

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A week ago MP and I tore through the

streets of San Francisco wearing jackets and scarves.

20150922_144515-1-1 (2)


A cool 62 degrees powered our clicking heels to much-loved passageways, pillars, and cafes; blazing through yet to be explored arrondissements too, like The Mission.

20150922_203009 (2)

  Since a restaurant I had longed to dine was not open,

20150922_184953 (2)

MP selected Aster, a fledgling newbie showcasing utterly enchanting food as art.  I read about Chefs, Brett Cooper and Sean Ehland and their far-out scope of inspired small plates appearing from a tiny open kitchen composed like whimsical Japanese art flirting with clean space.

20150922_184147 (2)

After studying a concise four-course menu and selecting dissimilar enticements, an in-house parade began-- each beguiling dish of salad to spectacular and subtle sweets, upstaged one another.

20150922_190322 (2)

CUCUMBER blackberry, preserved meyer lemon, avocado, coriander

20150922_191936 (3)

POTATO-BLACK PEPPER DUMPLINGS maitake, brussels, yogurt

20150922_193731 (2)

FARRO VERDE padron, sungold tomato, vadouvan, kale, crottin

20150922_195230 (2)

CHOCOLATE GANACHE black caramel, cocoa nib


20150922_190314 (2)

DUCK LIVER MOUSSE sprouted grains, strawberry, fennel, sesame

20150922_191950 (3)

SWEETBREADS pickled summer squash, charred peppers, thyme

20150922_193637 (2)

MILK-FED LAMB pole & shelling beans, smoked eggplant, nepitella

20150922_195251 (2)

POACHED PLUOT cashew, lemon verbena


Now, you guess which tasting menu was mine… ♥

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Blood Moon and Pizza

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Zeroing in towards nearly 600 blog posts, cococooks needed a little maintenance.  My hope is (without throwing the baby out with the bathwater) that it is shored up from tagging creeps, easier to read and the photos appear fresher on a brighter background.

20150926_101815_001-1 (2)








Following our simply beautiful days in Calistoga with dearest friends, I have many Northern Cali food, farm trail, and harvest farmers’ market photographs to share over the next few posts.
20150927_192358 (2)

Meanwhile, after the long drive home yesterday, Sunday night pizza nevertheless made it to our patio table while the last blood moon hung high in the twilight.

20150927_191525 (2)


Fresh Fig and Prosciutto Pizza

with Burrata, Parmesan, and Arugula


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Changing Hues

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2015-09-25 15.49.40

Warm days, cool nights, and shifting breezes send - off summer in wine country like a fall fashion show; pattern, hues, fabric, and luster turnover and rest.



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The first day of fall began for MP and me today when we arrived here in Calistoga a day after storming San Francisco.


These glorious Black Mission Figs extended my favorite fruit obsession; and remained oh so still for their  photo shoot among the harvest vines.

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Mid September

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... at the market

20150919_092644 (2) 20150919_092704 (2) 20150919_092852 (2) 20150919_093004 (2) 20150919_093054 (2) 20150919_093134 (2) 20150919_093218 (2) 20150919_094007 (2) 20150919_095325 (2) 20150919_095341 (3) 20150919_095401 (2) 20150919_095644 (2)

20150919_095757-1 (2)

More from the road later this week--

♥ ♥ ♥


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