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Keep Waiting

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You'll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times

--Max Lucado

I’m convinced the Sabbath was created for frantic souls like me, people who need a weekly reminder that the world will not stop if I do.


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In one of the most dramatic examples of waiting in the Bible, Daniel prays for people who had been oppressed for seventy years. He abstained from food and drink for twenty-one days, as he labored in prayer, persisted, pleaded, and agonized. No response. On the twenty-second day, an angel of God appeared. He revealed to Daniel that his prayer had been heard on the first day.

From an earthly perspective, nothing was happening. But from a heavenly perspective, a battle was raging in the heavens. God was working! What if Daniel had given up…lost faith…or walked away from God? Consider these better questions: What if you give up? Lose faith? Walk away? Don’t!

God is at work. Keep waiting!

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Coldy Wonderland

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Christmas Tide

20151227_163601 (2)

Sunday Afternoon ♦ Crystal Cove

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Shore Birds

 20151227_163833 (2)

Pink Glow on Shorecliffs

Catalina Sunset

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20151227_164810 (2)

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20151227_173236 (3)

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Daughters of the King

All glorious is the princess within her chamber;

her gown is interwoven with gold.

Psalm 45:13 (NIV)

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Hope Anchors the Soul

--Charles Dickens

And numerous indeed are the hearts to which Christmas brings a brief season of happiness and enjoyment.  How many families whose members have been dispersed and scattered far and wide, in the restless struggle of life, are then reunited, and meet once again in that happy state of companionship and mutual good-will, which is a source of such pure and unalloyed delight, and one so incompatible with the cares and sorrows of the world, that the religious belief of the most civilized nations, and the rude traditions of the roughest savages, alike number it among the first days of a future state of existence, provided for the blest and happy!  How many old recollections, and how many dormant sympathies, Christmas-time awakens!


We write these words now, many miles distant from the spot at which, year after year, we met on that day, a merry and joyous circle.  Many of the hearts that throbbed so gaily then, have ceased to beat; many of the looks that shone so brightly then, have ceased to glow; the hands we grasped, have grown cold; the eyes we sought, have hid their luster in the grave; and yet the old house, the room, the merry voices and smiling faces, the jest, the laugh, the most minute and trivial circumstance connected with those happy meetings, crowd upon our mind at each recurrence of the season, as if the last assemblage had been but yesterday.  Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!


Our family together misses those who have passed, and sends love with abundant gratitude for lives well lived; then, pray forward, amid dreams and visions for a dazzling 2016.

20151224_164005 (2)

Merry Christmas from the cast of cococooks.

♥ ♥ ♥




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A Christmas Cookie

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Pfeffernusse, a classic German biscuit like cookie served around Christmastime popped up on ABC’s, The Chew last week; sending me straight to the peppermill.  These spicy dunking cookies dusted with powdered sugar are a piece of my childhood holiday remembrances; settled next to Grandma Barrett’s Shortbread and my mother’s famous Bourbon Balls (which children were allowed to eat)!  I am in a massive baking project and sturdy festive cookies are perfect packers for a Christmas on the Bay celebration.  Reminiscent of gingerbread; mingling warm aromatic spices and freshly ground pepper create a sophisticated winter blend.


Few ingredients, mostly pantry ready, make this a super quick bake (and the cookies mellow appropriately and freeze well too).









Begin by creaming butter with brown sugar followed by an egg and deep rich signature molasses.  The recipe then calls for vanilla and rum.









There was no rum in the inn; I used amaretto which was all I had near that genre.








Proceed, adding the flour blended with spices, soda and salt.  Make sure you use freshly ground high-quality pepper, not random old stuff from a tin; there is a vast distinction.









I also love how this recipe kinda self-cleans the bowl.








Form the dough and bake the cookies (I produced 24 using a small scoop).








Wait, wait and wait until they cool








before showering these zesty sweets with copious amounts of snowy sugar.


Steaming hot cappuccino and a bright tangerine

qualifies this as breakfast. Right?

Thanks again, to abcthechew for choosing my photo for the holiday parade 🙂

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Egg and Spicy Veggie Soba Bowl

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You’ve heard it said, “I could eat Mexican food every day; or breakfast three times a day.”

Soup is what I’m talking about.  Especially, Asian inspired vegetable soup with earthy mushrooms, light but spicy, complex broth and copious noodles to drag up from the bottom of the bowl.  On this occasion, it began with a magazine photo and absent ingredients.


My bowl unfolded in this way; with less broth and a heap of deep fruity heat; which can easily be tamed by removing the seeds from the pepper or adding only a smidgen.









Blanching the broccoli and snow peas ahead locks in the green color and prevents overcooking.









Saute a box of clean shiitake mushrooms and carrot slices in a little dark sesame oil.  Season; add garlic and serrano pepper to the mix.

















These browned tidbits are ready for broth; deglaze the pan with two cups, scraping up the bottom.









Add rich brown flavor; a tablespoon each of tamari and rice wine vinegar to start. Then, of course, taste it before taking it to the finish line.









Drop in two or three ounces of noodles.










While the noodles simmer, fry two eggs;








stir the reserved broccoli, snow peas, baby bok choy and leafy Chinese broccoli into the noodle dish.

Without hesitation lift a generous portion of noodles and veggies into a bowl...


Gild the lily pad with a sunny egg with crispy edges; settle in with the remote—

it’s almost Christmas!

My Hallmark movie pick of the season?

Crown for Christmas.


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