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Embracing springtime means building salad platters. For MP and me, salad is not a starter or a tossed side dish—here it becomes the star of the show.  Colorful, crunchy greens mingle with sliced fruit, roasted vegetables, healthy  beans, legumes or grains, and polka dots of cheese and berries.








My approach begins with what I have on hand remaining from the Farmer’s Market. Two beets, one carrot, an apple, tomato, avocado half, and lettuces remained in the drawer.  On this occasion, I ogled these jolly baby eggplants, the size of chicken eggs. I scanned for an uncommon vegetable to my roasting repertoire—Belgium Endive.








Roast the vegetables on a foil-lined platter for easy clean up.  Spray or lightly coat the veggies with good olive oil and kosher salt and pepper.  I also drizzled a stream of honey over the endive to offset the bitterness.  The beets were wrapped in their own aluminum envelope with a couple spoons of water to steam.

While the vegetables roast; prepare the dressing and other vegetables and choose a grain.  I mixed half red with half white quinoa.  The seeds cook quickly and have a delicate façade with a hearty protein punch.








Begin with a white platter of any shape.  Toss the greens in a bowl with some of the dressing and place them on the platter.  Then, begin piling the vegetables in a pattern according to colors and textures.  The fun part is decorating the bounty with roasted nuts, hard cooked eggs, blueberries, and crumbled feta or clumps of goat cheese.  The remaining dressing (Blood Orange Vinaigrette) is blissfully dribbled here and there.








One platter of choreographed deliciousness!



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    Mmm, this is my kind of meal! I’m on the lookout for those “jolly” baby eggplants.

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    Thanks for posting this on your fabulous platter salads! I have been craving salad lately and forgot how you make a whole meal of it. It will be perfect for me here by myself. I SO enjoy your blog Peggy!


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