After the Rain

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After the rain during the early part of the year, I begin looking for little blades of green sliding up through the soil in our garden.

I have a ritual about planting daffodils. It began when all three of the boys were busy with school, sports, St. Andrew's, scouts, and sleeping.

Yes, I fed them too.

In the springtime I ordered daffodil collections to be delivered just in time for autumn planting on Veterans’ Day in November and Ty's birthday.

November here~ may mean a hot, dry wind.

I dig away.  Why did I buy so many bulbs?

Thankfully they naturalize, expand and get better every year unlike some bulbs that require replacing or dividing.

Ruffled Double Dutch like a cupcake!








April Showers bring May Flowers








As a child I devoured each page of  the iconic Ideals Magazine.

Ideals has ceased publication.

It arrived seasonally in old fashioned timing.

Each page was devoted to full color photographs of nature in bloom.

I lingered long in autumn.  Autumn meant pregnant.

Readers were invited to share stories, poetry, drawings, and faith.








Luscious, layered Orangerie








I forget her name.








Ice King









sharing with Apricot, Flower Drift








and what's her name.

The boys are grown and gone.

As long as the earth endures seedtime and harvest, cold and heat,

summer and winter, day and night will never cease.

Genesis 8: 22

Our God is dependable and known to be full of good surprises!




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