April Love

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Every April a hummingbird chooses a potted ficus tree outside our French doors to configure a cup-shaped nest. Each day, I forget as I trek to the garage, my mere presence sends the aerodynamic pennyweight soaring; wings flapping and buzzing in a mid-air hover; then fleeting backward escape.








I watch and marvel at our backyard friend capturing her momentous arrival with wisps of web








to bind a secure shell for twin eggs.

Patient and attentive, feeding her nestlings sweet nectar, squishy fledglings are growing and the nest is expanding day by day.


          It was carved with cherubim and palm trees;

           and a palm tree was between cherub and cherub,

            and every cherub had two faces,

           Ezekiel 41:18 (ESV)


  1. 4-20-2015

    So sweet….I just now returned home from a friend’s memorial service. We called her “hummingbird.”


  2. 4-20-2015

    These photos are just tooo precious. We have several hummers who frequent our feeder daily…..so fun to watch them challenge each other. Darting, flitting, finally settling on the feeder… sometimes alone, sometimes together, always hungry!

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