Beck on the Deck 2014

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Beck on the Deck, an evening of red checks, plentiful food, music, chatter, and belly laughs highlighted Bill and Andi’s, Carson Valley yearly rendezvous;















fragrant jade pastures and purple mountains frame glorious ranchland.

MP and I traded out our Tri-tip bar-b-que menu from previous years, and cranked up the challenge to include several smaller parties before the big bash on Saturday evening with Mike Beck.

Laced between







sandy hikes, reunions with old friends
























(~ a very special thank you to Jeff Lilliard for some of these amazing portraits)





























and new ones,







we set out







picnic platters, pizzas,




















baked pasta,













cookies and crisps, charcuterie and copious crudités.








MP's Wild Boar Pate...

Whew, that’s a lot of stairs.








Behind the story is a year of punctuated jibber-jabber between MP and me (we have a rather brash communication style) practicing meals which could morph into a hundred plates in another state.








MP would always say, “Let’s do this for the party this year.”

My frequent reply, “Are you joking?”

This is a close up of the dinner last week for 100 people, which morphed from Costa Mesa to Carson Valley—because we are willing take the scary stair challenge; blessed to be a blessing serving under the enchanting Gardnerville glow…








Classic Cesar Salad








Corn Rice and Bean Salad with Chile Lime Vinaigrette











Pinwheel Pork Loin with Pepper Jack, Aged Salami ~ Scallion Cilantro Stuffing








Roasted Pepper and Tomatillo Sauce








Sweet and Savory Pan Gravy








Thank you Mike for your gifts! You are the reason we get together for an extraordinary summer night.











‘until August...  Namaste






  1. 8-20-2014

    WOW!! This week long extravaganza would not be what it has become without the two of you!! Thank you just aren’t the right words to express the extreme gratitude we feel for what you accomplish on this auspicious weekend!! Great pictures!! Great friends! Spectacular meals! And oh the music!! Thanks to Mike Beck for being the reason we all get together!! XOXOXOXO

  2. 8-20-2014

    Fantastic… You guys were great, loved the food… really made it special. So much fun yapping with you out on the porch… see you next time!

    ~~ Kristine

  3. 8-20-2014

    Double WOW! Makes me homesick for our barn in Sun Valley, wish I had you there to help me cook, line dancing, cowboy poets, church in the barn for the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood, etc. etc., great memories………..

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