Beck on the Deck

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Beck on the Deck

On the third Saturday of August our friends throw a big summertime bar-be-que bash, and an evening of songs, poetry, and cowboy storytelling--






for nearly a hundred of their local and lifelong friends!















The abundant green pasture becomes a parking lot;








the barn silhouette and glorious animals set the scene.








MP and I stocked our Jeep with provisions and journeyed to Gardnerville to offer our "mad skills".











Guests arrive to visit and share “starter” platters of pickled garden vegetables; crudities--even Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Here is a photo of MP's celebrated venison strips...








The sky is an unpredictable element in the bevy of busyness.







Eyes are on the heavens—and the forest of blowing trees--natures wind chimes.








As soon as the deck cools and the weather obeys; MP and I present the food fare.








Marinated and Grilled  Tri-Tip








Layered Chiles Rellenos








Corn, Rice, and Bean Salad with Chili Lime Vinaigrette and the








Legendary Broccoli Salad










When the sun melts over the mountain range, chairs turn and all eyes are on Mike Beck.











Mike composes and performs a vast songbook of folk, rock and American music reflecting his life as a professional musician and a working cowboy in California, Nevada and Montana.


Mike’s new album “Tribute” is a special collection of horse songs.   All sales of this album go to benefit The Joyful Noise Project’s veterans program that brings former combat soldiers together with horses that are being rehabilitated for adoption.











Good night-- almost Blue Moon—til’ next year.

--with special thanks to Bill and Andi for their forever smiling hospitality

and to Jeff Liilard for contributing photos.


  1. 8-21-2013

    Thanks for this Coco!! We can’t do this without you two! …. Great photos! Great commentary!! Thank you for passing Mike Beck & the Joyful Horse Project along to more listeners and viewers….need this to get out to everyone….need that one person to see this and take it to the next level….but I’m betting most people are looking at your scrumptious food!! Love you guys!! Xoxo

    • 8-21-2013

      Thank you Andi,
      We would love for this post to be “shared” on Facebook! This is a win-win for the Joyful Noise Project ♥

  2. 8-22-2013

    Okay, I’m lovin’ this! This is the most awesome BBQ food ever (of course), but the whole thing is right up my little cowgirl alley. Cowboy lore, the barn, the horses enjoying the music and company. OUTSTANDING POST! I’m lookin’ up Mike Beck’s TRIBUTE album right now! Thanks for the post, Lunde-people!

  3. 8-22-2013

    I’m so envious, makes me homesick for our ranch and barn in Idaho, parties and cowboy poets and fabulous mountain skies…..would like to know how to order the “Tribute” album……..

    • 8-23-2013

      Hello Mary,
      Thank you for the sweet comment and I so understand your-lament for Idaho.
      Here is the link for the music…

      Miss you and the gang ♥


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