Beets, Citrus, and Peas.

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Spring Beet and Pea Salad is chef-speak for,

“After many steps, you can taste the season!"


And, I suppose I had time to build this beautiful salad created by Chef Robbie Wilson of Bird Dog in Palo Alto, California; lured by our love of colorful earthy beets, abundant fresh citrus and petite peas.

Of course, I bucked off the recipe by boiling the beets instead of roasting; honestly, because it’s quicker, less messy, and they peel easily. It beats me if beets retain acidity by roasting…  Clean the beets and leave the root and one inch of the stem attached.   Separate the beets into different pots to retain their natural colors.  Cover with water and bring to a boil; reduce heat to a simmer, cover and cook until the beets are tender.  This varies according to their size; usually about 20 minutes. Drain; set aside.  When they are cool enough to handle; slip off the skins.


Cooking quick fresh ricotta with a cup of milk, plain yogurt and cider vinegar happens astonishingly-- in a microwave minute (or three, actually). Curds and whey.


The salad is dressed with a light citrus dressing utilizing both grapefruit and blood orange juices.

20160322_183510 (2)

I pulled it all together for a main dish platter supper, layering lightly dressed lettuces from our neighbors’ garden (thank you, Jason).  Then, arrange painstakingly supremed blood orange segments, golden beets and deep red ones in sets-- with sprinkles of fresh chives, mint, parsley, peas and crumbles of the home-made cheese.


In the end, it was totally worth the journey and I’ll gladly hike that spring trail again!

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  1. 3-28-2016

    A feast for the eyes. Lovely combination, will have to try it.

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