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On New Year’s Eve MP and I helped save ‘Mr. Banks’.  It was a bittersweet mission with divergent thought outcomes.

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Promotional Photo from "Mary Poppins (1964)." (L-R) Richard M. Sherman, Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Robert B. Sherman.








By morning, we turned down the volume and entered our forethought, fifth fasting season together.

We set January aside alongside other Christians and with our church family to recalibrate and accept the invitation to shrink the size of the big screen—and frankly hurt a little.

You can read last year’s post about the Daniel Fast HERE.

Humbly, a recipe for my Black Bean and Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers  may be found in Susan Gregory's book, The Daniel Fast.

I enter this time of year with less uneasiness than my husband does.  We put our arms around tall glasses of water, shorter shots of ‘live juice blends’, and warm mugs of homemade vegetable broth for the first three days. After that, we sit at the table of grace following the Daniel Fast until the end of January.

While the food is not the focus of the formal fast, my belief remains nourishment within the guidelines carries us to a healthful finish.






















To purify our routines requires certain vigor, ordinarily not present by yearend.

Our hearts and habits (in large measure) are transformed; the rough and the splintered edges smoothed out. However, the real joy is reassurance.  We collect the prize not at the end of the fast but near end of the year when it is time to renew and do it all over again. The privilege of being empty creates space for spiritual bread leavened with truth and liberty.

My humanly disenchantments and panorama seems incomplete many days but beautifully expanded by fresh worship and prayer time.  Without much bother, I allow life to come to me and not at me.  Not as easily, I have learned to let boughs break and  prune vines to make room for daylight.

Our Lord assures me by being there.

“I will give water to the thirsty land and make streams flow on the dry ground.
I will pour out my spirit on your children and my blessing on your descendants.

Isaiah 44:3 ~ Good News Translation

Clean slate begins on Sunday at Free Chapel!







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