Boxing Day 13

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I was wilting but we had one more craft on our hearts.

Christmas Fruit Tree.

First, Izzy wanted to go to the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works and then decorate the fruit tree.








Sweet fruit and berry adornments ready.












The tree, scaled and prepped.










Focus on the pattern...








Mommy jumps in to help fill in the holes.


























Final serious assessment .








A few more blueberries cover the little sharp picks.











The doorbell rings...We made it !








  1. 12-27-2013

    What is the significance of the fruit tree? I know what Boxing Day is but have not idea about the fruit tree.

  2. 12-27-2013

    I mean no, not, not!

  3. 12-27-2013

    VERY cool tree! 🙂 Thanks for the deliciously great idea…..and so much more healthy than the usual sugary holiday sweets! It will be a great addition to next year’s family Christmas brunch!!

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