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Do you enjoy brownies dense moist gooey and fudgy-- or light and cakey?  The proportions of butter, sugar, chocolate, and flour determine the style.  It seems texture is the selling point when choosing a Brownie (or Blondie) camp.  When Ty was in high school (and home baking was still ‘legal’), I baked a zillion of these cake-like frosted brownies on sheet trays for water polo games and banquets, spilling over to church events to even now 25 years later. Presently, I am placing this favorite treat under investigation—first up.

Real Simple Magazine Espresso Brownies-- a fudgy contender with a shot of espresso to intensify the chocolate hit.










I photographed the steps; if you grab ingredients and leave your camera in your handbag (or fanny pack) brownies assemble quickly using a hand mixer—no need to get out the big gun.








Begin by melting unsweetened chocolate and butter in a microwave in 30-second intervals until chocolate is nearly melted.  Don’t overdo it; residual heat will melt remaining bits as you stir it to a glossy finish.








Proceed by adding sugars, eggs, espresso, and vanilla.






















I prepared a jetpack-fueled espresso by brewing one tablespoon of instant espresso powder into two ounces of coffee.








Yes, I did.








Then, add the flour mixture








(just until flour is absorbed).








Fold in broken bits of bittersweet chocolate.








Pour batter into a prepared pan; Begin testing  brownies for doneness after 30 minutes.  Dark metal pans provide a faster baking time than glass dishes.








this one has a removable bottom for blessed assurance it will come out beautifully.








Otherwise, use “parchment or waxed paper handles” to remove brownies when completely cooled in the pan.







Deep, sophisticated chocolaty deep coffee richness…Wasn’t it Shirley Temple who first said, Oh! My Goodness”?







  1. 9-19-2014

    Oh my goodness, indeed! These look right up my alley.

  2. 9-21-2014

    What size pan? These look delish but will add pecans to them. Brownies are not legal without nuts.

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