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You may yet be in a food coma; not only from Thursday but, for the wonder of ritual leftover dressing, potatoes, gravy and weird gelled concoctions. If you have pumpkin fatigue, are pastry challenged or simply check pumpkin pie off your sweet holiday list after Thanksgiving and move on—reconsider Food and Wine’s Pumpkin Pie with a Chocolate Crust.  The marriage of the two is not new even Martha Stewart finds the pair blissful.


The most difficult part of the pie is finding those Famous Chocolate Wafers at the supermarket (look near the the ice cream).

Pulse the cookies; add sugar and melted butter.  Press into a pie plate and chill, literally.  If you are the organized type, wrap and freeze the crust.  Remove from the freezer and set on the counter while you make the filling.


Bake the crust for a few minutes.


Plop pumpkin from a can; add remaining ingredients, beat together; then pour the smooth mixture into the prepared crust.

Bake the pie until it quivers in the center 50-60 minutes; begin checking it at 45 minutes.  Cool completely.  The pie may be baked and refrigerated overnight.


Imagine a crisp, pure chocolate cookie crunch mingled with the not-too-sweet silkiness of pumpkin perfumed with warm spices and fresh ginger.

Top the luxurious pie as the author, Melissa Clark suggests, with tangy Crème Fraiche topping or merely old-fashioned whipped cream as I did.


Perhaps save a slice for breakfast…



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