Cashew What?

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I read Green Kitchen Stories whenever cookbook authors, David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl post a blog.  I truly admire the food styling, professional photography, philosophy and, their vegetarian lifestyle.

Honestly, it is inspirational but not doable everyday on my planet.

Nevertheless, because of the fasting season, I stretch a bit.  Like the recipe for Cashewgurt, a creamy and easy cashew ‘yogurt’, this seemed easy and worth the whirl.


MP eats a big bowl of berries with oats for breakfast (not vice versa).  A small switcheroo would not hurt too much.

The European punctuation, equivalent’s (the couple live in Denmark) and instructions confused me—but I got the gist.  Off, I go.








To begin:

1,5 cups / 3,5 dl raw cashew nuts, soaked overnight (8-12 hours)

I weighed and measured but still was uncertain.  Eventually I decided on 1½ cups raw cashews.  It doesn’t really matter—you end up with more or, less.









The next day, after draining the nuts, I kept the water for the blending part. Zen-like.

Psyllium seed husk powder is available in bulk.  I see many more uses for this.








1 Tablespoon of the ground psyllium was mixed into ½ cup of water to form a gel, which thickens the blended cashews.

The nuts went into the super blender ( I used a Vita-Mix) with the juice of a half a lemon, a pinch of salt, a half-cup of the Zen cashew water, two soft dates and the psyllium gel. Flip the switch and add more water as necessary to create a smooth creamy curd. Taste the mixture as you go—I used the whole lemon in the end.








Luscious, silky and oh so rich, there was no way I could eat more than a few spoonfuls of the divine Cashewgurt.

After a chill and a shuffle, it morphed into a Cashewdiment (condiment). Clever huh?








It is vaguely sweet for a savory topping.  If you leave out the dates and spoon in touches of warm aromatic spices, like cumin and turmeric and, a pinch of cayenne it would travel well over curries, Mediterranean dishes, and stand up to a platter of crudités and cheeses.








The date variety paired well with slices of fruit, rye crackers, and polka dot of pomegranate seeds.








An extra spoonful of this delicate protein landed on MP’s breakfast this morning.








Think a mini berry parfait shooter for yourself.

Any more ideas are welcome!





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