Lucky Irish Pizza!

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Social media was blowing up yesterday with St. Patrick’s Day merriment.  Given that we had only remnants of Corned Beef and Cabbage from last weekend, I leaned into tradition-- an Irish pizza.  Yes, I did.


Our homemade pizza dough topped with leftover horseradish cream sauce (or Dijon) spread to the edge; then, scattered with cubes of corned beef, and chopped vegetables: potato, carrot, turnip, and cabbage.  (Make certain the veggies aren’t too wet).


I piled Taleggio cheese, a semi-soft Italian cheese with a fruity tang on the pizza, which seemed to complete the briny toppings; but any melting cheese will do.


Halfway through, I used a spoon to carve a well in the pizza and dropped two glorious eggs into the recesses.  Bake the pizza until the eggs are set; slice a piece and drool with astonishment.

20160313_200802 (2)

Try it. You’ll be so wowed!

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Blood Moon and Pizza

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Zeroing in towards nearly 600 blog posts, cococooks needed a little maintenance.  My hope is (without throwing the baby out with the bathwater) that it is shored up from tagging creeps, easier to read and the photos appear fresher on a brighter background.

20150926_101815_001-1 (2)








Following our simply beautiful days in Calistoga with dearest friends, I have many Northern Cali food, farm trail, and harvest farmers’ market photographs to share over the next few posts.
20150927_192358 (2)

Meanwhile, after the long drive home yesterday, Sunday night pizza nevertheless made it to our patio table while the last blood moon hung high in the twilight.

20150927_191525 (2)


Fresh Fig and Prosciutto Pizza

with Burrata, Parmesan, and Arugula


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Just Tomatoes

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Ty and Britton launched a headlong kitchen renovation and have moved to an immaculate practical food venue within their garage.  Mixing vintage home, modern camp with husky rolling tool cabinets and power implements seems so firehouse chic. I lovingly call their quarters the Great Hall.

Fortunately, a slew of their garden tomatoes were gifted to us just as the last of our tomatoes grew to be soup.










As a first responder, I placed about 2 pounds of the San Marzano-like variety in a dry heavy-bottomed pot with salt only;










planning to watch over them as they began to sweat and luxuriate in their own juices.










When they began to break apart, I tasted and added more salt and a teaspoon of sugar to balance the acid.



Down the line, I used an immersion blender to meld the tomatoes.










Uncovering the pot and reducing the heat to barely a simmer, allowed the sauce to condense and thicken with a hand full of fresh basil leaves.










In the end, two 7-ounce portions of deep red, flavor-packed homemade pizza sauce came to be. (Enough for four pizzas).  I could have eaten it all—right there one spoonful at a time.



But, it was pizza night after church— Wild Boar Sausage Pizza with Mozzarella and Goat Cheese.

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Send in the Buratta

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Burrata occupies my dreams.

The soft, supple ball of mozzarella with shards of the same cheese is doped with fresh cream and sealed inside with more love.  Simply said, “buttery” cheese goodness tumbles out ready to land like a fringed garland on



toasted bread,




hidden inside a Bison Burger,


or spilled onto a squash blossom pizza.

Dream on…



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Dinner and a Wedding

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This is way TMI for a blog post.  Sometime during the wee hours of Monday, July 28th, a wicked insect chose me above MP to sideline.   I lost Tuesday and Wednesday frankly, Googling for remedies to the assault.

Product Details

During the night (morning) about 2 am after great success with blasts to my right knee with a new hair-dryer in three 15-second intervals, I searched  for a restaurant in Carmel-By-the-Sea.








la Bicyelette reminded me of a blended European café serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner; it remained our choice for a casual meal with friends during Emily and Alex’s wedding weekend. I liked the idea of a rustic; short straightforward a la carte menu which changes daily so the locals can eat there every night!  Some of the produce is grown by schoolchildren in the school’s sustainable gardens.    The manager greeted us with such exuberance and vibrant descriptions of the daily fare that I wanted to order a bite of everything.  A wood-fired pizza oven hones thin-crust pizzas to extraordinary deliciousness.







Summer Squash Avignon







Local Champignon Portabella ~crimini, & oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion Purée, truffle pecorino, mozzarella, thyme

Our party went straight to the pizza.  Because we were perched next to the natural light of the window, I will let my pictures set the table.







As a passionate beet aficionado, I selected the organic beet salad~ organic lettuce, Point Reyes blue cheese, buttermilk dressing.











Who can resist giant Napa heirloom tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella and aged Balsamic caprese?

Porc for MP







If only I were the exuberant descriptor, I could tell you about this special breed of Japanese pork rack and its layer of belly fat.

Then there was







Chocolate Budino with olive oil drizzle







Pot de Mousse au Chocolat

Old fashion crock of chocolate mousse (for two) ?

Thank you  Mike and Kathy, Michael and Marja... "Now we are even "








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#Corned Beef and Cabbage

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I boil up a pot of Corned Beef and Cabbage every year around St. Patrick’s Day for a dinner party.  My sister, Leslie uses turnips instead of potatoes while I use rutabagas along with the potatoes and big chunks of carrots.  As long as you are roasting one chicken, you may as well roast two. Therefore, as long as you are simmering one brisket for hours why not double up.  The second piece of beef can be sliced for sandwiches or shred the beef and throw together a hash.









As for me and my house—we make pizza!








Brush the crust with Dijon and pile on the chopped beef, vegetables, and cabbage.   Irish Cheddar or Munster is my cheese of choice.








What do you create?




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