Chilly Days

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Time slides by quickly.

Mondays were hectic when our sons were young especially in middle and high school.








Super simple soothing Turkey Chili was on the stove every Monday afternoon in the fall and winter in our home.  The “if it’s Monday” chili was there-- geared up to scoop into a shallow bowl for an early supper before a swim or soccer workout, scout meeting or a late dinner after a class or church.







Ground turkey, roasted red peppers, canned beans, a warm dose of spice; and a secret ingredient makes it surprising light and full of flavor.








Recently I gave it a makeover when I prepared it for the girls at Heritage House.








Build the chili in layers.  Saute  and season the onion and garlic in oil before adding your favorite spices. I always use straightforward chili powder and cumin.








Crumble the lean ground turkey into the pot and cook it until it is no longer pink.  Drop in the roasted pepper pieces.  I love the jarred fire roasted red peppers from Trader Joes's.








Add 2 cups turkey or chicken stock.  Toss in 8 ounces of tomato sauce. Then stir in 1 can diced tomatoes; 3 cans (14.5 ounce) drained and rinsed beans.  I use pinto, kidney, and black beans.








Lastly stir in 1/2 cup of good quality tomato ketchup.

There you go.  Cover the pot.

It can be ready in an hour or simmer away all day. Make it in a slow cooker or make it for a crew.








We kept it simple without adornment.  Add cilantro, sliced scallion, sour cream, avocado or cheese to make it a game day rush.








Gotta serve it with Creamed Corn Cornbread and homemade apple butter folks.

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