Collard Green Wraps

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Of course, I had no idea what I was doing.  I am getting rather clever that way. Perhaps it is the heat or the bottom of the pantry inning—because they are flat--, I decided to make wraps from collard greens.








Bright orange gratifying yams are always in season.  Why is that?

There was brown rice, spicy red tomatillo sauce, and fresh avocado salsa available too.








After slicing the yams, I dusted them with chili powder, salt and a drizzle of olive oil then; roasted the wedges with rings of purple onion.








Sweet caramelized treasures.








You can remove the large vein and stem first before preparing leaves.








I tried the raw leaf in a wrap but it was like an 'off coiffed' day where spry wisps' don’t stay put.








I discovered the stem was a natural ‘handle’ to hold the leaf while dousing it.








20 to 25 seconds in a pot of salted water produced a more pliable wrap. I was only making four; filled and rolled right away.  If you are making a larger amount, drop the leaves in ice water to stop the cooking and drain. Before filling, remove the stem and  thick bottom part of the vein.








Fold the leaf around the filling like a burrito--caring not to over stuff.

Almost anything goes here.  Whatever you enjoy layered on a sandwich or tucked into a burrito-- roll with it…








Beside the  spicy salsas, hummus would have been another tasty addition or the spicy cashew cream spooned strategically inside with more on the side.

Fresh, light and satisfying with a restorative kick!

I think these would travel well too—to the beach comes to mind on this 85 degree January day.





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  1. 1-17-2014

    This looks amazing and healthy to boot! Yum!

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