Company’s Coming?

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Company’s Coming?



Somewhere in my memory is a woman who looked at me with unreserved sympathy and suggested I serve tried and true food to guests.

She overheard me speaking to my children.


I met her at a market when Ty was safely pushing the cart, Cole was confined in the basket child seat and Gray was sheltered in a blue seersucker Snugli.

That soothing wisdom-- to a frazzled mom lives on.

We added chicken to the cart.

Then, my boys and I shared Ma's Nachos from Mother's Market at Koala Park.


Braised Chicken with Green Olives and Lemon.








Easy, pretty, and  delightful.






Soft cheesy polenta takes the juicy chicken to elegant comfort food status.

Gwyneth Paltrow inspired-

What is your favorite company dinner?




  1. 4-26-2013

    Love Gweneth! This recipe looks so great! Just so happens that we have “company” coming next week for 5 days…These grandkids are 2 & 5 and love chicken! Any idea’s for easy meals/snacks for young kids??? I would very much appreciate any ideas you might have! I will definately be cooking this recipe for chicken, while they’re all here!

    • 4-29-2013

      The children’s parents will know best what your grandchildren will eat:) Mine love to snack on hummus with carrot sticks and toasted whole wheat pita bread triangles.
      Mac n cheese is a time honored favorite. Meatballs too– with a simple marinara for dipping. Anything they can eat with their hands or off a stick is a good way to go. Have fun! coco

      Hummus and mac n cheese recipes are on this site…

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