Conflicted…The Year of the Bronco?

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The calendar tells me that today, January 31, 2014 is the spring Chinese Lunar New Year of the Horse.  It is a grand and festive occasion for families to celebrate rich traditions.

Western style, football fans are turning their attention to Super Bowl XLVIII kick-off (Sunday) and pigskin platters of fried cheesy snacks, spicy wings, skins, sliders, and sips.

I have mixed feelings.

I do not have a Chinese family and I have no interest in football.  I have tried, really.

In another post I shared a soft summer roll.

We are happy to dip these Lunar New Year rolls tonight and during the football game too!

Soft Summer Rolls with Sweet and Savory Dipping Sauce --Ellie Krieger








If you line up your ingredients it becomes a cooking craft.








Rice papers soak for a few seconds.








As you pile up the elements--have another paper resting in the water.   A thin cotton towel is an ideal rolling station.

The fresh basil leaves will be the  top of the roll.  Place them so the top of the leaf will show through the translucent summer roll.  Noodles and a split shrimp are layered on the basil.







Shredded carrots and a slice of avocado are added before  lettuce.








I chose fleshy lettuces from MP's winter garden.








Carefully roll the fragile paper around the filling.








Store the rolls in a dish








layered between lightly dampened paper towels.









Before loading the rolls into the boat, slice them in half at an angle.  Serve with the sweet and spicy dipping sauce.
The best of both worlds-- Happy New Year-- and enjoy the commercials!





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    thanks Peggy for getting the perspective!

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