#Corned Beef and Cabbage

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I boil up a pot of Corned Beef and Cabbage every year around St. Patrick’s Day for a dinner party.  My sister, Leslie uses turnips instead of potatoes while I use rutabagas along with the potatoes and big chunks of carrots.  As long as you are roasting one chicken, you may as well roast two. Therefore, as long as you are simmering one brisket for hours why not double up.  The second piece of beef can be sliced for sandwiches or shred the beef and throw together a hash.









As for me and my house—we make pizza!








Brush the crust with Dijon and pile on the chopped beef, vegetables, and cabbage.   Irish Cheddar or Munster is my cheese of choice.








What do you create?





  1. 3-17-2014

    Yum Mine is on It’s one of the ones I’m brining for WNT… Yours looks so good… Irish Blessings!!!

  2. 3-17-2014

    Ah, Peggy, none is as good as yours! Slainte!

  3. 3-18-2014

    Thanks Peggy,

    If I have left over corned beef I take some of the shredded beef and make tacos. Top with cabbage and horseradish, sour cream sauce. Makes for a pleasant change.

    • 3-19-2014

      Hello Dorothy,
      What a great idea…I think I will steal it! My favorite tortilla for this would be the part corn and flour one from TJ’s They are soft and don’t break.

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