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California Seabass with Pico de Gallo

With so much tragedy penetrating our lives, it hardly seems upbeat to write a post about summer food—but, food does matter. Not only is food sustenance and medicine; it soothes the soul, impacting us psychologically.


Breakfast Bowl

MP and I embarked on a new summer eating plan which challenged my 35 years plus of fat phobia.  A body of research indicates the health benefits of a diet higher in fat, rich in eggs, nuts, avocados, meat, and healthy oils.


Turkey Meatballs in Sunburst Tomato and Golden Zucchini Soup

In an attempt to clarify this current notion, we embraced one program called Whole30 in which we have reached the half-way point.  Except for shunning dairy, beans, legumes, and all seeds and grains, our platter meals remain true to copious colorful vegetables from the farmers’ market MP’s prolific midsummer patio garden, and  clean fresh fish selections; adding further proteins like grass-fed meats and globe-trotting chickens.


Grilled Ribeye Steak with Zoodles and Grilled Shishito Peppers

These are a few marvelous colorful and succulent dinners we’ve been sharing.


Garden Platter Salad with Seabass


Zucchini Pancakes with Scallops20160711_191144

 Sauteed Mexican Halibut Fillet with Roasted Poblano Tomatillo Sauce and Zucchini


Walnut-Crusted Pork Tenderloin Picnic Salad


Spicy Turkey Burgers with Portobello Mushroom 'Buns', Shishito and Potatoes


Killer Skillet Supper

What's on your dinner table?

Dinner photos appear nearly every evening over at cococooks on Instagram.

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  1. 7-14-2016

    OMG! Every single one of these great recipes are beautiful & mouth watering…plus very colorful & look absolutely delicious!

  2. 7-14-2016

    Aw, thank you, Suzie. I really look forward each day to poking around in the garden and adding something
    I bought at the farmer’s market; then it’s dinner 🙂

  3. 7-14-2016

    Each of these plates that you put together look like a dream meal. I bought the book “Whole 30” and am presently in the midst of reading it. I am hoping to begin this program starting Monday. I commend you and Bob for your determination to do this.

  4. 7-15-2016

    It hasn’t been difficult if you grasp the idea that you are eating 3 meals; not breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes breakfast is a salad. Because we have been selective for years about fatty meats, I see no reason to begin eating a slew of bacon and such. Eating so many eggs is contrary to what we were led to believe too—though eggs and avocados are my favs.

    Happy launch day on Monday


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