Dessert for Breakfast

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I have been promising Izzy we would have Dark Chocolate Waffles for breakfast at our next sleepover.  She waffled at the thought of replacing her beloved Lemon Ricotta Pancakes.


We agreed to test them as dessert first.

The predicament was the night got away from us; the combo sat in the refrigerator all alone for 24 hours.









The batter is simple and not too sweet.  Bon Appétit suggests a fruity olive oil in the mix but I wondered if coconut oil might be a better choice.








Mix the dry ingredients;








combine the wet with the yolks and















fold in the softly beaten egg whites to lighten it all up.








Dark chocolate slivers and chunks transform it to a confectionary delight.








I bet you have an awesome waffle iron.  My waffle iron is a relic my father bought for me at a garage sale in the 70’s.  He “doped out” a fix for the appliance and repaired it.  Even though is gets dangerously super hot and produces rather thin waffles, it is a treasure with memories of breakfast for dinner. During those years, whole wheat waffles were piled high with peanut butter and yogurt with pure maple syrup poured over every bite.








The batter looked like cookie dough--







and scooped out easily on to the well-oiled machine (coconut cooking spray).








She steamed and puffed and the indicator light told me the waffle was toasted and ready for the gilding.








A chocolate waffle bar comes to mind.  What would you put on display next to berries, ice cream, chocolate chips, toasted nuts, caramel sauce, toasted coconut, whipped cream, peanut butter, yogurt, and maple syrup?

I know Izzy wants a cherry on top when she finally gets a chocolate waffle ♥








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