Ellis Island to the OC

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Guest blogger Poppy on the job. coco is in Montana and away from
her computer, so here we go.









Agnes Thiers celebrated her 99th birthday this week. A number of
friends and relatives gathered at a local gastro pub to honor this
incredible woman.

As a five year old child in Whales Agnes was boarding a boat for America with her mother and sister. Her father had immigrated earlier; and now it was possible for the whole family to join him.

She was turned away by customs when they discovered a mysterious blister
on her hand.  She would have to come later.
World War I delayed her voyage and she arrived on Ellis Island as a
nine year old with her grandmother. She remembers all the
confusing languages spoken by large mysterious  men at the long
tables where they ate communal meals.
After three weeks on Ellis Island her father arrived to take her to
their new life and home.

May God bless the rest of your journey, Agnes.

This link is tribute to the women coco and I hosted monthly for a season... Bertha and Janet are gone but the Granny stories live.






  1. 9-30-2013

    Nice job with the pinch hitting mr Lunde. Sweet story and glad you and coCo are still hosting the grannies!

  2. 9-30-2013

    Super great job Poppy! Very interesting story. . . May she be blessed with many more happy years ahead…here in America!

  3. 10-3-2013

    Lovely update on the surviving Granny, Poppy. Coco will be proud of your touching tribute to Agnes.
    Isn’t it usually you that’s gone this time of year?

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