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Essential MP


Jacques Pépin-- where has he been all my life… or where have I been all my life?

Last winter MP and I discovered 78 year old Jacques on PBS.  He was marching through classic culinary technique episode after episode --cooking food reminiscent of his childhood in France with charming aplomb.

Following World War II at the unlikely age of 14 Jacques mother delivered him to Lyon to begin a restaurant apprenticeship.  That kitchen led him to Paris.

In my defense I may have had a “taste of Pépin” as a child at a Howard Johnson’s.  Fresh from France in the 1960’s, Jacques and his mentor Pierre Franey created menu items for the American palate at the chain of hotels and restaurants.

Some of the pâté and sausages Jacques demonstrated in January left an endearing mark on MP.








On a recent Saturday, he whipped up a Veal Liver Pâté –which he set to cure for a day as well as a Shiitake Mushroom Pork Sausage with Pistachios—hidden for a week.








Now and again, I love arriving in MP’s indulgent kitchen and moving to the summer garden and patio…Because you asked, MP is my poppy, before he was “poppy” to the girls.










  1. 5-29-2013

    I have always considered Jacques Pépin as one of my favorites. Love his cooking style and his sweet demeanor. Glad that you and your Poppy have found him equally so. Gosh, that mushroom pork sausage with pistachios looks incredible! Hugs to both of you!

  2. 5-29-2013

    I love him too, great chef! Peggy, this looks amazing as all your recipes do!

  3. 5-29-2013

    Ok, I,m busted! Laughing. I sometimes just skim read…you know what I mean? I just noticed that you didn’t post a recipe for this wonderful looking dish. Forgive my laziness? If you get it I would love to have it. 🙂

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