Fruits of the Spirit Loaf

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It seemed odd to me; comparing English muffins to a quick bread, that is. Nevertheless, when Real Simple Gluten-Free Carrot Coconut Bread was 19 minutes shy of done, I got it. Rather than a moist, fragrant slice with a cappuccino or cup of hot tea on an unhurried afternoon —this loaf smelled of breakfast on a lazier than usual morning.







Who knew a few weary carrots left from a road trip could partner with overripe bananas and ever-present pantry coconut flakes. All at once, gluten-free or not; childhood at Grandma’s LA Wilshire apartment flurry throughout house and heart.  In retrospect, this sweet smelling loaf doesn’t require a big gun mixer.








Instead, set the ingredients out ready to roll;  then, with a bowl, whisk, and a spatula combine in order, beginning with melted butter and brown sugar.







Mix the eggs, vanilla, banana, and sour cream into the butter mixture.







Toss in the shredded carrot and coconut. (I didn't have unsweetened coconut on hand and used the common Baker's brand).








Lastly, mix in the dry ingredients.









Load the prepared pan and bake.  My bread baked for 55 minutes in a ceramic dish and tested done; which is contrary to the instructions; begin testing it after 50 minutes.

Allow 30 whole minutes (even if patience is not on your fruit list) for the loaf to cool before carefully drawing it open. Bake a loaf or two—wrap and freeze when completely cool. Thaw this marvelous bread and toast a few slices on Thanksgiving morning; escorted by a soft boiled farmer’s market egg perhaps.


Aunt Dot and Peg would slather on cream cheese too. However in the 1960's, it would have been Date Nut Bread with Tom and Jerrys holding court!







  1. 11-11-2015

    You have done it again Peggy! I am going to have to make this.You have a gift for creating, be it words or recipes. Thanks…

  2. 11-12-2015

    This is exactly what I’ll be making on Thanksgiving morning! Looks delicious! Thanks Miss Peggy!

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