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Each year after I run (and survive) the junior lifeguard run, swim, run, swim, and run more Gray Lunde Ironman event, I am cast down like a wooly wet sheep.


Photo courtesy of Isabella Lunde

 Saturday while Ty and Britton drove Maddy to ASU for move-in day;


Jules, Izzy and I represented the family running from the river jetty to G Street.


Julianna, of course, ran the 5 plus miles, mostly soft sand passage and bolted into the ocean for a mile swim too.


The divine Ms. Iz and I tore up the rear-- finishing in 1:16. Should I retire?  My screaming calves would be obliged.


Then, after breakfast MP left us at home to recover-- and went fishing.


Monday’s dinner creation sprung from the sushi-grade yellowfin he landed from Baja waters aboard the 80-foot fishing vessel, Legend.


If poke bowl isn’t already a thing, it is now!

The noodles are spiralized English cucumbers dressed in a spicy cold sesame almond butter dressing.  If you try making the noodles, make sure you drain them well in a mesh strainer and wrap in a clean towel to dry; then the dressing coats the transparent noodles well.

Hmmm… the poke is o’so delicious and amazing but, our girls are champions!


  1. 8-18-2016

    Recipe?! But this presupposes I can find sushi grade fish, yellowtail preferred. …may have to wait to enjoy this at your place someday soon….possibly for the next Epiphany board meeting…xoxo

    • 8-18-2016

      Andi, recipe is linked in the blog post highlighted in green text–poke bowl 🙂

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