Herding Apricots- Part 2

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Herding Apricots- Part 2




Acquiesce to Apricots.

Photographing a new crop of apricots as the first ripe fruit was plucked from the tree is--so last week.



How could these darlings be such a menace?

Hundreds maybe thousands of apricots have not only fallen into the hands of thieves but Monday night we woke in the dark of night to a family of nocturnal free-range raccoons' feasting under the tree.

MP opened the balcony door and shined the “Light of God” over them.

By dawn yesterday, I submitted.

When MP were first married my friend, Gail and I were given a lug of apricots.  Our failed attempt at making jam has hung over my culinary history like an unfinished poem.  We used honey.  We used pectin.  We were unable to get the stuff to ”jell”.

Gail and I also tried to make a wedding cake from a kit—for her parents silver anniversary complete with columns.  We were young and somehow it made it to the party before tumbling onto the table.

I began slowly.  A few pounds of apricots; armed with a Google search.

David Lebovitz is living the sweet life in Paris.

Yes!  Apricot Jam in the style of Alsace makes me a happy girl…tongue in cheek of course.

Apricots + water.

Apricots + sugar.

Simmer apricots and skim the foam patiently until they bubble up to about 220 degrees F.  I used an oil/candy thermometer.

The freezer test confirms it is ready.  Brilliant.  No Pectin.














David adds a touch of Kirsch. Good Grief.  I searched my pantry for a bottle of something I thought might be Kirsch.  This was one of two remaining tiny bottles we picked up in Alsace in 1997.  The label had disintegrated.  I poured a teaspoon of  Eau de Vie  Guetsch de Alsace and lemon juice into my finished jam.  Will plum work David?

Fruit, sugar, lemon, a secret ingredient, a few random jars, good equipment, and patience are the ingredients I didn’t own 40 years ago.

Submission = Redemption!


  1. 7-3-2013

    Congrats on your success. It looks wonderful!

  2. 7-6-2013

    I’m catching up on some missed posts….Such fun to see your creativity with your bounty. I miss you.

  3. 7-10-2013

    Oh Peggy,
    It was so nice to have this one with your memory of me being one of the first of your blogs that I read after not being online for many months. It was a bright spot in my day. I miss you. And I just might try making jam too when the apricots are ripe here in NY 🙂


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