Heroic Pizza

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Another tradition, which I personally crave when Thanksgiving leftovers beckon, is Turkey, Cranberry and Brie Pizza. Our recipe makes two crusts.







MP creates one pizza







and I doll up another -- a coating of toasted sesame oil and a heavy grating of fresh ginger.  Cubes of turkey meat scattered atop; loving spoonfuls’ of the Orange Cranberry Sauce nestles in between and crowned with slices of –Double Cream Brie. Uh-huh.











No match with the wood-fired crust that delivers the thin charred bits from my brother and Cynthia’s  Montana pizza oven, but…







Everything that is holy about bread: roasted bits of turkey, hints of umami hiding among sweet and tangy cranberries are present and accounted for in one spot on slice.

How do you make the leftovers new?







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