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Photo: wikipedia

Photo: wikipedia.org


Reading online and from travel books regarding various ancient pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela, Spain (thought to be the final resting place of St. James); I learned the journey has no starting point per se, pilgrims began from wherever they lived.


Regardless, one well-liked prevailing strand, a two-month trek, runs through the city of Le-Puy-en-Valey where it just so happens, Le Puy green lentils hail; not surprisingly protected and documented by French authority.


That rabbit hole led me to a few heirloom lentils resting in my pantry, which hail from Idaho.  Then, inspired by Bon Appetit’s magnificent legume and vegetable salad, it became a trendspotting grain bowl supper.


Notice, a cinnamon stick, and star anise found their way into the pot of lentils


(use a quart of water for 1 1/2 cups of dry lentils).

Marinated Lentils with Crunchy Vegetables combines rich, earthy lentils dressed in fragrant toasted seeds in olive oil with vibrant aged sherry vinegar into a robust scrumptious textured dish.


I toasted the seedsSONY DSC

 and ground them before adding them to the hot oil;


an additional step preventing an unwelcome bite, in my opinion. Off heat, pour in the vinegar.  Careful; this is hot business.


Drain the lentils; toss the onion, leaves, and sticks. Reserve the tasty cooking water.


Pour the hot dressing over the warm lentils and stir gently.


Moreover, I upped the ante, by pairing the lentils with seedy quinoa gems cooked in the too-good-to-toss lentil pot liquor.

20160517_184036 (2)

What a posh way to eat your creamy healthful grains; moving exotic pockets of texture and crunch to wherever you fancy. AND, don’t forget the velvety, crusty avocado toast with coarse salt, and pink cheeked peppercorns.


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