Isabella of the Ball

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Madelynne is safely tucked away at school and Julianna is off to church camp; all that-- created a day for Iz to revel in what she is passionate about, fashion.

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The edgy Fashion Institute of Design in Los Angeles is a mere 40 miles away and Britton invited me to tag along on a field trip adventure to the city where as a child I visited my grandmother and two aunts who lived in the Wilshire from the 50’s (which is coincidently Izzy’s decade of choice).


Our freeway descent into the big city began like a Hallmark movie, with the heart of downtown’s iconic skyscrapers surrounded by pockets of high-heeled fashion, entertainment venues, marts, and unfortunately, sketchy real life tent cities.


The museum is located on the ground floor of the design school; while only three large rooms, the current exposition displayed fashion costuming from television.


20160817_123244 (2)

Stop it; there it was.  Claire’s brown ochre woven brocade flat pleated skirt dress with golden yellow gauntlet gloves and straw platter hat adorned the pedestal.


You remember the one she wore to the Kings stables when she and Jamie were in Paris?


I’ll let the photos tell the tale—






20160817_125921 (2)

20160817_124414 (2)



lunch at Panini...


if only we could have found Grandma's house.


  1. 8-18-2016

    Such fun! I am flooded with my own memories of exhibits I could not tear myself away from in LA, NYC-Met – (numerous special exhibits) and London (who else would love the Queens hats and handbags exhibit? + Princess Di’s gowns). She will remember this always. I loved seeing these photos.

    • 8-18-2016

      Oh my, I wished for a castle full of gowns and hats!
      More, more, more!

  2. 8-18-2016


  3. 8-18-2016

    That Izzy is living the dream! I am proud to call myself a Fashionista, or at least a clothes horse! It is all about the clothes!!! What a fun and memorable day you shared.

  4. 8-18-2016

    Oh, if you could only see my closet—of which I wear a portion. But that gene runs deep! Such simple random fun 🙂

  5. 8-19-2016

    Such an awesome adventure with your beautiful Izzy! I also love experiencing my older granddaughters ‘dreams!’ Grandma creating truly wonderful, unforgettable memories…that’s what it’s all about! Thanks for sharing your family fun with photo’s included!

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