Jump Rope Songs

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Everyone gets a big boost from taking a break; rested mind, deep breath.  A view of the lake and a deep dive into the quiet captured me last week.  My niece Holly and her nearly 3-year-old son, Wyatt and I flew off at dawn for a trip to Missoula.












Arriving at the Alpenglow home of my brother, Bill and Cynthia high above Flathead Lake in Polson, Montana is like peering into a diorama illuminated by the whims of nature.



















Getting away to this place means parking the truck at Safeway to hike daily







along the highway path, the massive lake off in the distance where grazing cattle separated from calves fulfill the spring ritual.  Cynthia and I grooved at Super Wal-Mart afterwards drinking down bottles of ice cold Boathouse Daily Roots







while we shopped for fresh corn, watermelon







and toppings for pizza to be cranked to charred beauty in Bill’s outdoor wood-fired oven.



















We drank Grande mugs of coffee while Wyatt ran laps with “Parachute Man”, the dogs, Larry and Sadie Sue.







Cynthia collected the week’s refuse and we hit the smoldering transfer station;


















perused what Montana ‘collects’ and stayed up until midnight singing karaoke (John Denver, Country Roads) at Finley Point Grill.











Thank you Bill and Cynthia for another walk in the clouds...










  1. 5-28-2014

    Oh, Coco, these reflections were the best ever!!
    We’re hoping for our own “deep breaths” beginning tomorrow. They just won’t be documented with such clarity & artistry. XO

  2. 5-28-2014

    Great photo’s, Peggy! The food looks amazing as always!

  3. 5-28-2014

    Thanks for the Montana reverie . . . lovely.

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