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Ty and Britton launched a headlong kitchen renovation and have moved to an immaculate practical food venue within their garage.  Mixing vintage home, modern camp with husky rolling tool cabinets and power implements seems so firehouse chic. I lovingly call their quarters the Great Hall.

Fortunately, a slew of their garden tomatoes were gifted to us just as the last of our tomatoes grew to be soup.










As a first responder, I placed about 2 pounds of the San Marzano-like variety in a dry heavy-bottomed pot with salt only;










planning to watch over them as they began to sweat and luxuriate in their own juices.










When they began to break apart, I tasted and added more salt and a teaspoon of sugar to balance the acid.



Down the line, I used an immersion blender to meld the tomatoes.










Uncovering the pot and reducing the heat to barely a simmer, allowed the sauce to condense and thicken with a hand full of fresh basil leaves.










In the end, two 7-ounce portions of deep red, flavor-packed homemade pizza sauce came to be. (Enough for four pizzas).  I could have eaten it all—right there one spoonful at a time.



But, it was pizza night after church— Wild Boar Sausage Pizza with Mozzarella and Goat Cheese.

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  1. 9-25-2015

    Hi Peggy – I have tomatoes out my ears and was thinking about making some soup. Was intrigued too by your pizza sauce. Did you leave skins on for this? Any other tomato suggestions you feel inclined to share would be great. Hugs, Susie

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