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Frittata is an Italian word for omelette.  I don’t know about you but omelettes can be tricky to make.  Well, not if there is enough butter floating in the bottom of the skillet.  That makes it easy to fold the fluffy eggs around a filling.  I also seem to overstuff omelettes.  Messy and not pretty.

A frittata is sort of an open-faced omelette or almost a crustless quiche.

It is a go to dinner for me to prepare for many reasons.  I always have eggs in the refrigerator and something to add to the canvas of bubbling eggs in the skillet.

Who doesn't love eggs for dinner now and again?

I can also lighten it up.

Here is how I do it.








Begin by collecting the basics.








I use extra large eggs. 4 whole eggs and 4 whites.








2% cottage cheese adds salty, cheesy volume.








Unlike Ina and Ree, I use a "little" butter and a "little” olive oil in the bottom of a heavy skillet.








Toss in a chopped onion and as much or little garlic as you like.

Salt and pepper.

Sauté the onion until it has softened.








I used ripe tomatoes.  A frittata is especially good when the tomatoes come from the garden.








Zucchini.  Summer squash, broccoli or mushrooms are delicious too!








Now is the time to add which ever herbs you like.  They can be dried.

I don’t care much for fresh oregano.  I always use dried.  Spice it up by adding crushed red pepper to your taste.








While the vegetables are sautéing, whisk together the eggs and cottage cheese with any fresh herbs you may have  around.








When most of the liquid has evaporated and the zucchini is tender crisp, pour the egg mixture over the vegetables.

Reduce the heat; cover and let the frittata cook just until the eggs are set.  Uncover and cook until the eggs are dry and fluffy.  Look for a little brown around the edge.








Here is where you add cheese.  This time it was Parmesan.  I am a huge fan of soft goat cheese too.  I use puffy little chunks of goat cheese with Broccoli  Frittata.  If you like a browned top, place it under the broiler or torch it!






















Try this in any light!








Fresh baked sourdough bread and a salad makes it dinner.





  1. 3-23-2012

    Yummmy…calling that dinner for tonight! I also like to use spinach and asiago cheese. Thanks Peggy for this great recipe!

    • 3-23-2012

      Yes, Great idea! I got a bunch of spinach in my farm box. I use 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. enjoy.

    • 3-25-2012

      Cottage cheese – i will have to try that. Thanks Peggy!

  2. 3-23-2012

    I like the idea of cottage cheese! I’ll try that next time.


    • 3-23-2012

      1/2 cup works well. Let me know what you think!

  3. 3-23-2012


  4. 3-24-2012

    I love your version! I just made this and I love it! Although, mine didn’t have as many veggies and wasn’t as pretty it was still wonderful! Loved the cottage cheese in it! 😉


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