Lucky Irish Pizza!

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Social media was blowing up yesterday with St. Patrick’s Day merriment.  Given that we had only remnants of Corned Beef and Cabbage from last weekend, I leaned into tradition-- an Irish pizza.  Yes, I did.


Our homemade pizza dough topped with leftover horseradish cream sauce (or Dijon) spread to the edge; then, scattered with cubes of corned beef, and chopped vegetables: potato, carrot, turnip, and cabbage.  (Make certain the veggies aren’t too wet).


I piled Taleggio cheese, a semi-soft Italian cheese with a fruity tang on the pizza, which seemed to complete the briny toppings; but any melting cheese will do.


Halfway through, I used a spoon to carve a well in the pizza and dropped two glorious eggs into the recesses.  Bake the pizza until the eggs are set; slice a piece and drool with astonishment.

20160313_200802 (2)

Try it. You’ll be so wowed!

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