Man Versus Microwave

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Man Versus Microwave


I use our microwave to boil water, melt chocolate, and prepare oatmeal.

Cooking Light did a piece on Microwave Magic this month.

I skimmed through the tutorial.

Cook everything from Asparagus Risotto to Meatloaf.

Hmmm--Sweet Potato Chips?







Without hesitation I produced two sweet potatoes (from the pantry) and followed the instructions.

Skipping all the gourmet stuff on rosemary pepper salt....

I wanted to see if I could master the technique-

Sweet Potatoes.

When I smell sweet potatoes baking--whole, wedges, slices, strips or rounds I get all wrapped up!

I adore them.

The romance was held off when I realized I didn't know how many watts my Smart Sharp could produce.

Would it take 4 minutes per 1/4 potato of thin slices or up to 20-50 percent more?

Honestly, it became a science experiment.








Microwave safe plate covered with parchment.








A craft too.









I sprayed the parchment with coconut oil and








cut them into uniform slices with help from a scary machine.








First potato-








salted and ready for the test








in the microwave.








I googled my watts.








My sweet potato chips after the initial 4 minutes and 30 second increments= 10 minutes.








I got out the big copper gun.








I loaded it with the second potato sliced with a knife.








425 degrees 20 minutes.

MP arrived.








Sweet Potatoes two ways.  You decide!





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  1. 4-24-2013

    All looks swell and tasty. Thanks for the hints. . . .especially about skipping the tutorials.

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