National Pie Day

Posted by on Jan 23, 2013 in Desserts | 6 comments

I was fully prepared to defend my prize pie title today—National Pie Day.

Last year I won the Newport Beach Susie Cakes Bakery contest with this pie.

Sadly, the contest didn’t happen this year.

Since, yesterday was my birthday.

Because, today is still National Pie Day…

I am going to give away a Strawberry Pie!

Please make a comment in the comment section of my blog at

and MP will randomly choose a winner tomorrow morning.

In the case that you live far, far away,

I will send you a box of my signature, Monster Cookies.

We'll talk tomorrow!

Love, coco


  1. 1-23-2013

    It is too bad they did not do the contest this year. This is too bad Peggy your a WINNER in my book..

  2. 1-23-2013

    Yummm, Strawberry Pie in January! Who could ask for more! I have an idea … how about just a “piece” of pie for locals? That way we could all be winners! 😉

  3. 1-23-2013

    What, no pie contest this year? I vote you the honorary winner anyway! Now, as for that pie, it would sure add some sunshine to our chilly lives up here. The other night I had a dream about strawberry rhubarb pie – do ya think I am yearning for warmer days? Today we should reach a balmy 36 – warmest day we have had in about 3 weeks. Let’s hear it for any temp above freezing! Would be nice to get the Christmas snow off the deck before more snow falls. Anyway, monster cookies would be just as “sunny” if you felt like sending some our way! Hugs to you and MP!

  4. 1-23-2013

    Too bad there was not a contest today. Strawberry pie is
    mountains high…sorry I live far away so am looking forward
    to winning some of those monster cookies.

  5. 1-23-2013

    Thing 3 says that looks yummy. She’s 6, this makes her the authority on “Yummy”.

  6. 1-23-2013

    Peggy, since your title went uncontested, that means you still hold it! You’re a two-peat winner:-). And it is so signature Peggy, to bless OTHERS with a prize to celebrate your birthday! Hope it was a fun one! Whoever wins, will remember the January blessing of stawberry pie for many January’s to come!

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