October Soup Remedy

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Smitten Kitchen, is an ambitious seriously renowned home cooking weblog trailblazer ‘with an emphasis on simplifying daunting recipes’. Deb Perelman (also a cookbook author) delivers her recipes and know–how in easy, tongue-in-cheek conversation with beautiful photography.


Deliberating about the pumpkin spice alien invasion recently, Indian-spiced Cauliflower Soup made my list for dinner after Monday night’s big wow rain storm.


Like a stir-fry, this soup flies together easily by prepping the ingredients and placing them close at hand.  An actual 2-second pause clause appears in the instructions.


Ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander, fennel, fresh lime juice, and a jalapeno create the magic; an orange yam filled in for the potato in my pot-o-soup; a few rings of a medium-hot jalapeno pepper with cool fruitiness found its way into the soup and as a punchy garnish along with a dollop of Greek yogurt, cilantro, and zesty lime.


Teasing showers long gone by supper time rinsed us off to blazing temperatures with wind arriving Wednesday and I was one for dinner.


My preference is a stew like consistency; accordingly, I used the immersion blender in a portion of the soup, leaving chunks of cauliflower and bright orange yam bits peeking out from the highly spiced broth. Pssst…I will use 3 cups of water next time.


MP can reheat this one when he arrives home from his big Colorado adventure!

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  1. 10-18-2016

    This looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it myself! I wonder if it would help a cold with all those wonderful spices!

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