One Note Isn’t Necessarily Wrong…

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Ripped from my copy of Real Simple Magazine, Sesame Chicken Noodle Bowl  posing on the page without description, leaves the steaming bowl up to imaginary taste bud interpretation gleaned from a list of fresh Asian veggies, pure miso gingered broth, slick rice noodles; and obviously the beautiful photograph.


Substituting thigh for breast meat, a thinner noodle (because that’s what I had) and additional handful of snow peas shaped our bowl.


Once again have the ingredients close at hand;


here the chicken cooks ahead of time in exotic toasted sesame oil to be set aside.









Then, when the burner ignites, the mushroom, aromatics, and miso


set the pot to flavor a clean clear broth.


A few minutes later, vibrant baby bok choy, crisp snow peas and rice noodles slide in with the reserved chicken and a measure of rice wine vinegar for a zippy note.

20160510_184923 (2)

MP and I have been on a roll with noodle bowls of late; kindled with robust flavors emanating from hot and sour umami flavors.  In brilliant contrast, this noodle bowl was subtle and delicately nuanced; a one note syllable which wasn’t necessarily wrong. Therefore, except for the addition of salt and perhaps less water I would definitely prepare this scented garden again; notating aroma and taste create a world of profiles.

Pass the Sriracha if you must!

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  1. 5-11-2016

    Yummm! Definitely got to try making this for Barry & I…it looks so easy & so good! I can just smell it’s aroma now!

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