Pimentón Power

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Classic Romesco Sauce is Spanish—a combination of ripe tomatoes, roasted red peppers, raw almonds, bread, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil and smoked paprika (Pimentón de la Vera).  Its flavors famously enhance everything from vegetable crudities to grilled meats and pasta.  I have been making a light Romesco–style dip with roasted almonds as a vegetable dip for picnics and alfresco dining for several summers now.  Recently I wanted to step out with the smoky smooth orange sauce; and create a condiment that rides along everything from turkey burgers; Mediterranean grilled vegetable sandwiches, fish, to fries.









Toss the ingredients into the processor.








Give them a zziz and adjust the seasonings.








Wild Alaskan Salmon Sandwich on Homemade Toasted Bun with Romesco Aioli

My versatile Romesco Aïoli lends brilliant layers of flavor—fabuloso!






  1. 7-11-2014

    Wow Peggy! Just wow…

  2. 7-11-2014

    OMG…looks and sounds amazing…AND THE HOMEMADE BUNS, wonderful!!

  3. 7-11-2014

    I need to sneak a try on this when Bob is elsewhere!
    Incredibly yummy looking. P.S. I’ll probably suffer with store buns.

  4. 7-18-2014

    Ok folks…my good friend Peggy Lunde (aka “Coco”) is a fabulous gourmet cook. I have had MANY 5-star quality meals prepared by she & her husband Bob. The sauce on this sandwich I experienced first hand last Friday. It was one of those sauces that you actually think about later. It had so many intricate flavors I cannot describe it except to say it works on salmon, would work on eggs in the morning, would work for beef or even wild boar. I think her & Bob should market it to us all and give Tapatio, Tabasco, et al a run for their money…literally & figuratively!!!! The Greeks would have called it the “Sauce of the Gods”….


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