Pith and Peel

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Bon Appétit magazine featured a piece about using whole fruit (not just the juice, and or zest) in savory dishes-- in tandem with our new crop of luscious Meyer lemons.  Embracing the pith and the peel without the pips is doable because this variety is a tender thin-skinned beauty.








I matched up broccoli with humble pantry items and embarked on a new one too, anchovies.  I am not certain where the extreme distain for the little creatures began.  I know I wouldn’t dine on the tiny hairy fillet. However, they add a salty depth and a punch of unrecognizable flavor as they melt into a dish.








I peeled the sweet and tender broccoli stalks and sliced them in slender pieces attached to the florets.








The lemon slices and the garlic sauté with the anchovies until they dissolve.















The recipe suggests adding the red pepper at the end with the Parmesan cheese.  I put a pinch in with the broccoli before steaming them until tender crisp. The creamy beans bring the dish together.  I tossed in cubes of baked Hawaiian Purple Yam for color and added texture (almost like a Christmas chestnut).








There is no picture of the finished dinner plated up all chef-like because we were too hungry to wait so-- the dish ran away with the spoon.

It was a symphony of creamy, crisp, sour, and salty heat.  As we cleaned our plates all we could say was, “o͞oˈmämē/!”








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