Provision, Trust, and Grace

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MP and I have embarked on our 4th Daniel Fast.

The Daniel Fast is about restricting certain foods for a specific time and interrupting our routine in order to carve out space to reflect on our choices and relationships.  Although during this Spirit-led time, while we slow down, pause and declare a purpose for the fast, we still need to nourish ourselves in order to stay the course.

By preparing ahead of time, we are less likely to wonder if we are eating the right foods or--just give up after a long day or a particularly emotional one.  It is easier to have pantry staples ready--adding fresh fruits, vegetables etc. as you go along.  This is just an example of the whole grains, beans, and legumes.  Missing from the family photo are lentils, brown rice, and nuts.  They are off skiing...

For me, fasting is not a coupon to be redeemed by God on February first.  Rather it allows occasions to reset my outlook.  I leave behind the clutter and pall of the previous year—bringing to memory that which is good and pleasing to Him who is the author of my story.

January is a time to be kind to myself; have the courage to be imperfect; let go of what I thought our lives would look like in 2013 --and set sail-- toward  places of heavenly renewal.

He sees from high as He stretches to the low.

His plan.

His provision.

My trust.

Benevolence for the journey.

The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord that sheds light on one’s inmost being.

--Proverbs 20:27


If you are on the Daniel Fast or along for the ride I will be sharing our month with you...


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