Recipe Makeover

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Recipe Makeover

The hook was:

Lighter, healthier, but just as tasty…

The classic chocolate chip cookie treat is made lighter and better with browned butter, dark chocolate, and whole grains.  By Sidney Fry, MS, RD

The promise was a cookie with half the fat and calories.






The idea of browned butter was intriguing to me.








Whole wheat flour in addition to all purpose--








Less sugar too.








The butter is browned by heating it for 5 minutes.  After it cools there is a bit of sediment at the bottom which should be discarded.




































The cookie contains dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate morsels.








While the cookies were baking the browned butter perfumed the kitchen with a nutty aroma.

The cookie was small which explains the nutrition data...a lunchbox or after school pleasure without skimping on the essence of a chocolate chip cookie.


--Cooking Light

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