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An egg poached in a spicy tomato sauce has diverse roots.  The Italians relish a classic dish, Eggs in Purgatory; Shakshouka has Tunisian origins.  No matter how you say it—the marriage of scented tomato sauce and farm fresh eggs is a reason to keep homemade sauce in the freezer.  For us it became a late dinner after an argument, I meant a conference at church.

Begin by sautéing an onion in olive oil and adding garlic; pack your own heat with pepper flake or chopped jalapeno chilies.  Stirring cumin into the translucent onion mixture is a Middle Eastern touch.  Ladle the warm sauce into the skillet and drop farm fresh eggs on top to simmer in the fragrant tomato nest.








Tearing fresh basil over the bubbling pan with a dusting of Parmesan cheese deems it blissful.  Charred sticks of  grilled polenta are natural 'dippers' too.

Reboot Sunday morning breakfast or brunch with this simple skillet dish.





  1. 2-24-2014

    HA! Reboot, indeed. Made me smile.

  2. 2-24-2014

    Ok this sounds like heaven!!! Can’t wait to make it… 😉

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