Secret Ingredient Chocolate Cake

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Japanese mayo with a paper-doll baby on the package is trending with chefs for its heavy-handed industrial strength bond of egg yolks, sweetness and rice vinegar acidy. Therefore, when Cole was raving about the stuff, I was dubious of its “Hello Kitty” vibe.








Southern Living in due time offered a recipe for Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake.








In an unusual way, all brown sugar and eggs are blended for 3 minutes before








adding the mayonnaise in lieu of butter or oil.








The dry ingredients and hot water








(I used hot strong coffee) produce a thin batter.








In a potluck manner, the cake, baked in a 9x13 inch pan is frosted as it stands.








A whole 2-pound bag of confectioners’ sugar teams with pure butter, cream cheese, and heavy cream creating a thick pale frosting on top.








The award for the kind- of-best secret ingredient in a cake goes to, Kewpie Mayonnaise.







The tender moist cake with a hint of cinnamon is a church-lady winner!



  1. 2-23-2015

    OMStars!!! SO rich, SO decadent, and SO surely one to add to my recipe box!! The Kewpie mayo AND the hot strong coffee can’t help but make for a sure-fire winning combination!!

  2. 2-23-2015

    OK, I’m salivating now. Incredible.

  3. 2-23-2015

    Definitely need to try this one! Oh so decadent, but no doubt fabulous!!

  4. 2-23-2015

    Even I might be able to put this one together and still seem to be a Peggy-protege. Sounds yummy with a twist.

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