Seven Hundred

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escarpé gâteau au chocolat


Today, on this occasion, after nearly five years, celebrate my 700th blog post with me; and bake this (gluten-free) Craggy Chocolate Cake!


Drawing together good quality butter, bittersweet chocolate, and through the magic of French techniques, the best flourless chocolate cake ever is devilishly simple.


The custard aerated with whipped egg whites and pale yellow egg ribbons dosed with glossy chocolate and butter rises -  and then deflates to a decadent wedge of mocha-hued crinkled parchment.  Consequently, revealing the moist, rich, dark pudding-like, luscious center trapped inside is up to you and your fancy fork.


Close your eyes first; make a wish and then, fall in.

“That evening was the evening of the full moon. The garden was an enchanted place where all the flowers seemed white. The lilies, the daphnes, the orange-blossom, the white stocks, the white pinks, the white roses - you could see these as plainly as in the daytime; but the coloured flowers existed only as fragrance.”

― Elizabeth von ArnimThe Enchanted April


  1. 8-25-2016

    Wow! Lucky 700. Congrats Coco. And this cake looks like heaven to me. Can wait to try it. xoxo

    • 8-25-2016

      Yes, Susie, Another one to try!

  2. 8-25-2016

    Congratulations Coco! You’ve dished up great food and fodder for thought. Thank you!

    • 8-25-2016

      Aw, Thank you Sharon; I appreciate your encouragement and counseling too 🙂

  3. 8-25-2016

    Congrats! Huge accomplishment. I always look forward to “hearing” from my closest CA friend. Recipes are great but sometimes it’s hard to find proper ingredients in little unsophisticated Batesville, AR. 🙁 Keep this blog going!

    • 8-25-2016

      Dear Martha, Thank you so much! One of the top eight on Masterchef right now lives in a small Kentucky town where she never saw a whole fresh Salmon in her life! Keep cooking ♥

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