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Three days and a million hours of cooking for the 2013 Forward Conference is all wrapped up. Investing in the lives of the next generation at a gathering of this size calls for many hands and feet—

For the last two Saturdays MP shopped the Farmers’ market without me.  I was buried under 300 sandwiches and 20 pounds of pasta with mounds of other ingredients which shaped food to revive the volunteers at Forward.


But wait!  Skype-N-Shop the market with a cell phone? Whoa. This could be a lazy trend--








July is nearly over and Cranberry Beans are finishing up a short growing season.








The pods and beans are cream in color with deep red or burgundy variegated specks, which disappear as they darken during cooking. Despite their name, cranberry beans are not related to cranberries and resemble pinto beans in texture.








Shell the beans and discard the pods.  I sauteed a shallot with a little red pepper before adding the beans to simmer with stock.















When the beans were tender I mixed them with cooked quinoa,








sliced cherry tomatoes, and a handful of fresh basil.








Fresh Cranberry Beans partner with Quinoa for another sort  of revival.








I am discovering most anything is delicious draped in a lettuce cup.








Cranberry and Quinoa Lettuce Wraps with Grilled Peach Salsa.


--a printable recipe for the salsa is here.

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